Our Services

Software Integration

Your company's major target is integration analysis and design of new or already existing software solutions. Our mission is to build technical solutions that fulfil the required parameters and provide high added value to our customers.  more

Consultation in Telecommunication

We provide consultation in telecomunication business. We have practical skills in analysis, architecture and implementaion of BSS/OSS systems from working with world leading telco operators. Our analysis and designs follow NGOSS standards.  more

Software Consultation

We offer specialist services for technical consultation in the software solution development field. We help you with the analysis and design of new or already existing software solutions, based on your requirements.  more


Do you need expert help for your projects? Is project completion failing to meet the set deadline? OR. Are you having trouble finding an appropriate expert? Our experts can be part of your project team if you use our outsourcing services.  more

Software Development

As an additional service to software integration, we offer design and implementation of specific software. Based on your needs, requirements and the software analysis, we recomend an optimal solution.  more