We make software solutions for easy and efficient business

  • We are a consulting software company specializing in digitization and automation of work.
  • We do analyzes and audits of existing solutions, we design effective software solutions that minimize manual work.
  • We have our own all-in-one ERP solution STARTBSS focusing on day-to-day business operations.
  • We creates live dashboards for monitoring the company's operation using the LinkSketch tool.

Our services

Software Consulting

We will advise you on how to digitize and automate business processes. How to implement software in a company, what makes sense to automate and what not. We will also advise you on what to look out for software vendors, how to manage vendors and what to keep under your control so that you are always in control.

We creates customized CRM and ERP solutions

We have our own all-in-one ERP solution STARTBSS focusing on day-to-day business operations. We can tailor this solution exactly to your needs. You can have a cloud version or a local installation on your server.

Live Dashboards

We deliver interactive live dashboards using our LinkSketch tool, where we can graphically present the current operating status of the company. We will connect your machines to our dashboard and you will immediately see where the problem is.

Software Integration

We will advise you on how to connect the individual systems so that they can talk to each other. Today, there are a lot of systems integration tools and we will help you choose the right one and recommend what to look out for.

Software Development

We also do custom software design and development. Based on your requirements and their analysis, we will recommend the optimal solution for your situation. When developing software, we have a specially developed framework that allows us to develop faster and lower the final price for our customers.

IoT Solution

If necessary, we can also connect to your machines, sensors or other electronic devices and connect them to our ERP system using Arduino or Raspberry PI.



We have our own ERP software for perfect control, overview and automation of the current agenda of your business. There is a cloud version, where you just need to register or even an onpremise version, which we can then adjust exactly to your needs.
The system has:
  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Inventories
  • Resource Management
  • Offer and Order Management
  • Billing, Rating and Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Selfcare
See more information about the system here.


A tool for creating an online interactive dashboard that can be connected to various data sources and then present the current values of these sources in any way on an endless area of the screen. The user can create practically any dashboard according to his needs, using graphs, icons or he can draw anything, he can connect it to data sources such as IoT and change the color, hide or show images or draw a real-time graph according to current values.
The tool can also be used for real-time drawing and presentation with the ability to collaborate multiple users simultaneously.
You can find more about this tool here.


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